Soulmate Industries Limited (RC 204468), commenced production of hair care products on January 8, 1992.  The company, since its inception a little over two decades ago, has diligently pursued technical excellence and produced high quality products that competes favourably with any brand across the globe.  Over the years, Soulmate has invested heavily in research and this investment has assisted us in gaining public recognition as producer of high quality products.

Our core values are team work, integrity, hard work, discipline, excellence and fear of God.  We are proud to say that we have not deviated from these values since inception. This has assisted tremendously in keeping a disciplined and highly focussed workforce.

We have rich tradition of spotting, developing and encouraging talents through a well defined hiring practice that has enabled us to deliver promptly to our customers. We maintain very good rapport with our suppliers and clients.  We maintain a healthy workforce and have highly skilled and well motivated employees.

Soulmate recognises that its staff is its greatest assets.  Over the years they have proved to be persevering, honest and hardworking and have represented the company in a dignified manner.  The company, has, in return, invested heavily in their training, welfare and development coupled with fair remuneration for their contribution to the growth of the company.

The company is totally committed to its customers and has structured its operationsalong functional groups that enable it provide superior service delivery and world classproducts that favourably compete with other products.  We have institutionalized aculture of excellence and are sure this will pass the test of time from generations to generations.

Over the years, we have carefully managed our perception and are proud to say we are unique in our identity and creativity.  We are known as a company of integrity and this has generated a lot of goodwill for the company.  Cordial relationship with our industry professionals has enabled us to stay afloat despite the frequent changes in government policies and the harsh economic environment.  We also maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with government organisations.

Our products are fully approved by the National Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC); the Federal Governments agency responsible for food and drugs administration and control in Nigeria and the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). The products trade mark is equally registered.  The company is a member of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) as well as Cosmetics Manufacture and Ethics Association of Nigeria (COSMEAN).

We say a very big thank you for the 25years you have given us, and we look forward to many more successful years ahead with you

Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala
Founder/Chief Executive Officer


Our mission is to be dedicated to researching and developing high quality and effective products that contribute to restoring and maintaining the hair’s health and beauty. With much understanding of the importance of healthy hair, Soulmate range of hair products are uniquely formulated to promote, restore and maintain your hair for a more beautiful you.

Core Competence

Deriving from it’s culture, the company keeps striving to focus its creative energy in maintaining a product formulation that appeals to all sense organs; good quality products and service sustained with high innovative factors and strategic planning.

Our workers are our greatest assets. They are persevering, honest, hardworking individuals. Most of them are devoted people who represent us in a dignified manner. Our reward for their efforts is continuous training and fair remuneration.


Our Products


Soulmate Relaxer effectively straightens hair by chemically changing a third of the cysteine crosslink of the hair to lanthione crosslink. This product rinses easily from the hair without leaving an oily residue.

Original Formula is for stylists with a fast relaxer application technique while Control Formula is for stylists who prefer a slower application time.

This product is available in 180G; 260G and 415G.

Skin Lightening

Soulmate Skin Lightening Creme brightens the skin to deliver a healthy even glow. The creme is scientifically proven to deliver on its promise of lighter, brighter skin with zero damage to the skin cells, using active ingredients including Alpha Arbutin and Collagen. Soulmate Skin Lightening Creme is the trusted choice for healthy, radiant, glowing, lighter skin.

Skin Moisturizer 

Soulmate Moisturizing Creme is a premium creme that hydrates and moisturizes the epidermal barrier of the skin heal, restore, and replenish the skin. The creme contains Glycerin, Shea Butter, and Castor Oil; in their purest and most natural form, to deliver noticeably healthy, shiny, smooth skin.



Soulmate Hair Conditioner Plus has a rich, super-light concentrated formula that produces magnificent hair conditioning and hair shine. It contains natural, lipophilic emollients to seal cuticle surfaces.

The Soulmate HCP is available in 25G; 95G; 100G; 110G; 200G; 265G; 330G; 650G and 700G jars.


Herbal Hair Grow

Soulmate Herbal Hair Grow is an excellent natural hair cream. It has been prepared using extracts from an array of richly endowed herbs and plants that grow naturally in Africa. This cream penetrates deep into the hair follicles and stimulates healthy hair growth.

This product is sold in 25G; 80G; 110G; 155G; 300G and 330G jars.


Soulmate anti dandruff hair and scalp treatment crème is a lightweight formula for the relief of dandruff and dry itching scalp associated with dandruff.

The technologically advanced cream is the first product of its kind to effectively combat dandruff and itching scalp.

This product is available in 25G; 50G; 100G; 110G and 200G respectively.

Hair Moisturizer 

Soulmate hair moisturizer provides superb hydration for dull, dry and brittle hair, contains rich natural oils, can be used to groom fine hair and short natural hair.

This product is sold in 125ML; 250ML and 450ML jars.

Hair Oil

Soulmate Hair Oil is a rich blend of high quality natural oils which moisturizes dry hair and scalp, helps protect against dryness and absorbs easily, leaving no greasy build-up. Suitable for use on all hair styles, including braids and weaves.

Available in 70ML; 120ML and 250ML respectively.

Netralizing Shampoo

Soulmate Neutralizing Shampoo

Soulmate Neutralizing Shampoo is a hair detangling, concentrated shampoo formula which ensures complete hair neutralization. Its unique colour indicator lathers in pink if hair is not completely neutralized.

Excellent for both natural and chemically-treated hair. The product contains natural botanical extract (tetranyl and humectant) to moisturize hair.

Available in 6ML; 125ML AND 450ML.

Eye Pencil

The Soulmate Eye Pencil is a high performance, high intensity color combined with ease of application and great staying power. It’s a German based formula that provides the precision necessary to create the perfect line or the smooth-ability you’ll need to achieve the smokiest of eyes. It is easy to use, glides on smooth. Dries fast, it comes in wonderful colors. Doesn’t last all day you will have to carry in your purse to touch up especially if you touch your eyes a lot.

Styling Gel

It contains protein to Revitalize and strengthen the hair, adds sheen and control to Natural and Braided Hair. It’s Ideal for Roller Set, Finger Wave and Wrap Hair Styles.

No Flake, No Tack, Anti-Itch For Men and Women


Soulmate Anti-dandruff Shampoo is a superb treatment specifically formulated to alleviate dry and itchy scalp conditions. It cleans hair and scalp while eliminating flakiness/dandruff.

Decreases inter-fiber friction. Excellent for both natural and chemically treated hair.

Available in 6ML, 125ML AND 450ML.


Our special relaxer and hair formulas that have been tested and trusted for ages simply packed for personal use anytime, anywhere so you don’t have to leave your Soulmate behind at a low cost

Contains the  Relaxer, Hair conditioner plus, Bergamot hair grow, Herbal hair grow, Sulphur anti-dandruff, Neutralizing shampoo, Anti-dandruff shampoo, Hair moisturizer, Hair Oil


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