Today we are celebrating the triumph of an idea called Soulmate, an idea that came to fruition 25 years ago. Walt Disney said “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. This is a truism which is reflected in the emergence of Soulmate Industries.

However, the company is no longer an idea or dream. It has become a brand, a big one by any industry standard. Despite the tense competition that is prevalent in the industry in which we operate, we have emerged as one of the leading brands in the hair care sub-sector of the cosmetics industry in Western Africa region.

Since inception, we have undergone several metamorphoses and have today evolved into an international brand. This transformation is evident in the quality, branding and packaging of our products. We can be proud of our structural transformations which has helped us get where we are today. Our ranges of products are highly sought after in different parts of Africa and we are proud to say our products can compete with its contemporaries anywhere in the world.

Our journey to where we are has not been without challenges, however with doggedness and faith in God we have remained consistent and focused. Our core values which are resilience, integrity, consistency and humility have been the bedrock of our success. We have refused to compromise on quality despite the challenging economic conditions. On the contrary, we have consistently devised ways of improving the quality of our products to satisfy our esteemed customers. For us, customer satisfaction and experience are the fundamental reasons for our existence.

We know we are operating in a very competitive industry, but we are not worried about our competitors. We are concerned about our customers who need to get more value for their money. This is what drives us and this is why we have remained innovative in our production activities.

We are not unaware of the plight of the under privileged around us. We understand our corporate social responsibility as an organization and this we have not neglected. Several lives have been affected in one way or the other as a result of our activities geared towards affecting the lives of the under privileged among us. The company is also contributing its quota towards the growth of the Nigerian economy as it is helping to solve the unemployment problem in the country.

At this juncture, I want to express my sincere appreciation to all those who in various ways and at various times have contributed to our success story.
First, I thank God Almighty for his mercy and favour upon us as an organization. To him alone be all the glory for where we are today.
To all staff of Soulmate Group, I say a big thank you for your unwavering loyalty and continuous dedication to work.
To all our business associates, thank you for your support.
To all our esteemed customers, thank you for believing in the Soulmate brand. We shall continue to justify the confidence reposed in us.
To our competitors in the industry, thank you for giving us reason to be innovative thus making us to be one of the leaders in the industry.
To my wife, children and extended family members, your sacrifice and support is unquantifiable.

May I again say that we are grateful to God for where we are today, however I believe we have a great future ahead of us and we shall get there.

I congratulate all staff of the company, customers and other stake holders for being part of this epoch making event. I wish you all a joyous celebration and happy 25 years anniversary.

Thank you.

Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala, OON
Founder/CEO,Soulmate Industries Ltd